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Aug 13

Parent Comments

In the summer of 2013, I noticed my grandson’s eyes were not tracking left to right. As a retired primary teacher, how could we have missed such an obvious problem? He had been evaluated by school psychologists, exceptional children specialists, a teacher and a mother and grandmother with years of teaching experience. Returning home, I spent hours on the computer researching visual tracking problems. This led us to The Mackowsky Visual Learning and Rehabilitation Clinic. After hours of evaluation and testing, we finally had a diagnosis—my grandson had a visual processing problem. After eight months of vision therapy, he is reading above grade level. Ms. Brenda saved newspaper article about things he was interested in and gave us exercises to help with vision processing each week. His math, science, and social studies skills are right on track. He is becoming a happy, well-adjusted nine-year old smiling and eager to learn.

AW, Hamlet NC


Prior to seeing you, our daughter had been diagnosed with strabismus and was wearing glasses to “correct” her vision. Unfortunately, her glasses were not correcting her vision all of the time-so at random times throughout the day, she would experience blurry vision or double vision. Since beginning therapy with Dr. Mackowsky and Matthew Privette, ML’s vision has improved far beyond our expectations. Her depth of vision went from very limited to almost normal! She has become a monkey-bar enthusiast, rides her bike without fear and made great strides in swimming because her fear of the pool had subsided. We attribute these developmental leaps due to the fact that she can now see depth. While wearing her glasses, she no longer experiences double-vision or blurred vision. She no longer experiences headaches! I started noticing headaches about the same time I noticed an eye turn. They are no longer an issue. We sincerely thank you, Dr. Mackowsky, and Matthew for your care and genuine concern. I have never witnessed the level of analysis that takes place during eye exams here while keeping a young child focused and cooperative. Matthew’s obvious love for teaching and motivating really helped ML persevere when the at home therapy got tough .You all have been such a blessing to our family.

CR, Raleigh, NC


Before DG started seeing Dr. M, his reading and writing were below average. Since we have started seeing Dr.M and going through Vision Therapy, DG grades have come up and his writing and reading both are on grade level. Just this year, DG won Moore County Young Authors Award. I know that if God had not brought Dr. M and her team into our lives, DG would not be performing on this level and we would still have unanswered questions. We thank Dr.Mackowksy and her team.

JG, Whispering Pines, NC


Dr. Mackowsky and her therapist, Matthew Privette, are so good at what they do. Parents and the patients will enjoy the entire therapy process and more importantly, they will love the outcomes!

PL, Raleigh, N.C.


Thank you for working with JN. Vision therapy and everyone in your office has made a huge
difference in his life. He is now able to read independently and I often see him reading books to his
younger sister. He can see things he never saw before. I asked recently what the world looked like
to him before vision therapy. He said he had never seen a leaf on a tree because the trees looked
blurry. He didn’t realize there were blades of grass. He said when he looked at people, he saw “a
hole in their stomach;” he never actually saw the complete person. He said things had been blurry
on the sides and it had been hard for him to see letters and words on a page. His older sister asked
him why he had never said anything to us about all this and he said, “That’s just how things had
always looked.” I appreciate all the hard work Dr. Mackowsky , Matthew and Roxanne invested in
him. His quality of life will be immeasurably better—you have given JN the opportunity to live up to his potential. Thank you for everything!

CN, Raleigh, N.C.


Since vision therapy, SW has demonstrated significant improvement in her reading skills, concentration, handwriting, physical coordination, and self-esteem. Her teacher reports good improvement in reading, language arts, and math. She is very close to reading at grade level after lagging 1 ½ years behind. She has gone from totally refusing to read to volunteering to read for her class! We are very pleased with the results SW has gotten, and she is feeling good about herself for the first time in a long while.

SW, Raleigh, NC


After just two sessions of vision therapy, I noted a significant improvement in my four-year-old son’s eye control. He has been a ready, willing, and able participant in his own therapy program. On scheduled therapy days, my son, Matthew, would burst through his therapist office door, eager to work! Now, after completing his therapy program, he is no longer trapped in a visually unfriendly world. Obtaining his visual goals has meant improvements in balance and coordination, the ability to run and “roughhouse” with other children without fear of unnecessary pain or embarrassment, and the deletion of the “two-headed dragon” known as double vision. He does not tire as easily as before, and his concentration skills have greatly improved. His therapist, Matthew Privette, did an outstanding job!

CP, Vass, NC


Since coming to the Clinic, EL has a much better reading speed with fewer errors. Her math scores have gone from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. She also has better concentration skills and displays a more cooperative attitude and has more initiative to do her homework.

SL, Raleigh, NC


Before coming to the Clinic, my son, JP, would not concentrate on doing any kind of math problem that involved reading, nor would he be willing to read. When I could get him to read, he was not able to tell me anything about what he had read. After he had been to about half of his therapy sessions, JP surprised me one day. He picked up a newspaper and read an article. I was really surprised, but the biggest surprise was that he was able to tell me what he had read. I really want to thank the Dr. Mackowsky’s office. The therapy he went through has been a great success; not only in reading, but in self-esteem, attention, and his being able to figure things out for himself without waiting for me to give him the answer. I highly recommend this therapy.

DP, Raleigh, NC


We have been through years of physical/occupational therapy with KV, always feeling it wasn’t quite working on the areas he needed help in. I had seen an article/ad in the newspaper a couple of years earlier but KV wasn’t old enough, didn’t know all his numbers, and couldn’t concentrate long enough. When he was finally 6, we took him out of occupational therapy and tried vision therapy.  Immediately we could see it was working on the areas we knew he had difficulty in. We’ve been very pleased to see him come along, knowing he still has a long way to go – but he’s only 7!!!! He’s improving greatly and still has all his schooling ahead.

BV, Raleigh, NC


This is a wonderful program. My son BR has really taken off with his school work and his self-esteem has certainly jumped. This program and the people involved really care and enjoy working with the kids and that makes a big difference.
GR, Garner, NC

I highly recommend this program to anyone. The initial vision exam includes much more detail than a normal eye exam. My daughter’s reading and writing have improved and she is also much neater. Matthew is wonderful! He made the sessions fun while teaching invaluable lessons. I am so grateful to Matthew and Dr. Mackowsky.

JC, Wake Forest, NC


My son no longer complains about school. His writing skills are now on grade level and keep improving. He has been bumped ahead a grade level in math and is willingly participating in activities that involve extra reading and homework. He passed the 4th grade writing test even though his wonderful and experienced teachers “predicted” failure. My daughter, a teenage high-schooler, was also enrolled in this therapy program and had the same therapist as my son. He was highly effective with both of them. My only suggestion is “Clone Matthew Privette, my children’s therapist!”

GC, Durham, NC


Before therapy, JS (4 years old) really did not want to do any paper/pencil tasks and got extremely frustrated when asked to do tasks. Now, she willingly does any task involving eye-hand coordination on her own. She is writing better, coloring better, paying better attention to visual cues, concentrating much longer, and cooperating with doing tasks more than before. Her teacher at the preschool often comments on how well JS is doing having participated in vision therapy. We are very pleased with JR’s progress and attribute a lot of growth to her therapist, Matthew, whom she loves.

BS, Durham, NC


HH has had a problem with “time on task” and “completing classroom tasks” since she was in kindergarten. Since the therapy, HH’s teacher and I have seen a large improvement in her task completion – she’s more focused on what her goal is. Her self-esteem has improved immensely. We have had our first report card since the therapy sessions and those areas of concern came way up!!! My husband and I have known that there was something wrong, but we were unable to pinpoint it. Finding out about the Dr. Mackowsky’s Clinic has been a blessing. HH’s teacher has called me on several occasions from school to tell me that HH has been a different child! What great news this was for all of us! I highly recommend this program.

RH, Garner, NC


Thank you for all you did to help LHB in 5th grade. I cannot begin to tell you the difference in her school performance. We are pleased with the results that we have seen and have recommended vision therapy at your office to other parents having the same difficulties that we used to have. LHB’s biggest improvement came in the End Of Grade Test Scores.

JHB, Raleigh, NC


KH’s school work, his attitude about wanting to read, and his overall self-esteem have improved. In general, KH’s desire to excel at school has increased – he wants to learn!

CH, Raleigh, NC


Before starting in the vision therapy program, BB’s self-esteem was extremely low. Even though he has always tried hard, he felt he was the biggest failure. Since he started coming I have seen so many changes in him. His reading and coordination have improved so much that I am amazed!! Above all BB feels so much better about himself. His self-esteem is 100% improved. I will never be able to thank you for helping my son in so many ways.

LB, Morrisville, NC


It is encouraging to see VS improve in so many areas. For years, her Dad and I have known that there was a problem – but we could not pinpoint the source. Now that we have completed the program, we look forward to an improvement in grades, cooperation, etc. as we start our 7th year in school. Thanks to all at The Mackowsky Visual Learning and Rehabilitation Clinic for your sincere and dedicated work with all children. VS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

JS, Raleigh, NC


This program has been the best thing that has happened to LA in a long time. We were desperate for help when I found out about the program. The diagnosis of her problems was exact and enlightening, and the treatment plan was thoroughly organized and implemented. We are tickled pink with the results of her treatment. With the exception of a little playing time taken from LA, she has not once complained about coming to therapy. Thanks over and over again for developing this highly effective and much needed treatment for my child.

MA, Garner, NC


CA started the program with low self-esteem, hated school, refused to do his class work or homework, would completely shut-down. Since the program he enjoys school, makes good grades, and now loves to read. One night on our way home from therapy, he even expressed concern about interference with his homework – boy, had we come a long way! The difference in CA is remarkable, he is like a totally different child. I highly recommend the program to anyone, it is well worth the time and money. Thanks to everyone for their time, energy and encouragement. Job well done!

VA, Raleigh, NC

My son’s work has gone from F’s and D’s to C’s and B’s. His attitude has improved in a positive way. He is now realizing the importance of school and his studies. Thank you to Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Privette for giving GD a new outlook.

BD, Raleigh, NC


TO is usually very negative about work. Mr. Privette and this program had TO working three days a week with no complaints from him. We are looking forward to a much better school year. Mr. Privette has gone out of her way with TO. TO came out very impressed with himself, especially when he had learned the presidents. I would definitely recommend this program and would tell other parents the cost was worth the learning and improvement in self-esteem I saw in TO.

JO, Raleigh, NC


The most noticeable improvements in MF’s vision are the distances required for reading books and viewing television. He has been getting A’s in reading this year and we believe that vision therapy has helped here. Ruth was excellent. She does her job well and it also helps that she knows children and their ways.

MF, Raleigh, NC


AF’s homework is now a responsibility she feels must be accomplished. She now enjoys doing her school work. Her reading comprehension skills have improved substantially. AF is more sure of herself and exhibits more confidence.

RF, Cary, NC


I can see LW’s self-esteem has really picked up. She does not cry anymore when I tell her she did not do something right. She is no longer afraid of trying. She really began to look forward to coming to the sessions because she knew she was going to pass the level and learn something new. I can really say there is a difference in her that she now wants to learn. When she learned the presidents, I thought I would never stop hearing her say them! But I really thank everyone at Dr. Mackowsky’s office who helped LW get this far.

PW, Zebulon, NC


The changes in my daughter have been so noticeable that she could be a different child! Not only does she practically beg to read, but she understands a lot more of what she is reading. There were many times in the past when she would call herself “dumb” or “stupid,” and would not put forth any effort. Now, however, she no longer feels that way; instead, she feels as though she must excel and will try harder. This program has done wonders for her self-esteem and eagerness to learn. I would highly recommend the program to anyone whose child is showing such frustration.

TW, Knightdale, NC


Therapy was great! It was a tremendous help for CW. Mr. Privette personalized her therapy. CW was always made to feel important in everything she did. As a home school Mom, it was often frustrating not knowing how to help CS with her visual problems. I now know what her weaknesses are and how to better help her with her work. Her ability to deal with problems in her school work has also improved. We now have a handle on how to progress and CW is already doing much better in all areas of school. I am well pleased with the entire program and am so thankful for it.

LW, Durham, NC


AB has improved her self-esteem and self-image. She is now better able to concentrate on specific tasks. She also now completes her tasks and has increased her problem-solving and resolution abilities. She also has significantly improved in her short-term visual memory skills. We are very pleased.

MB, Raleigh, NC


My son PW is homeschooled. I have been trying to teach him to read since his fifth birthday. He resisted it greatly, so I would put it away for a time thinking he just wasn’t ready. I had PW screened because I saw Dr. Mackowsky’s booth at a Homeschool Conference. It was then I realized that his resistance to reading may have been due to a visual problem. He was screened and did need therapy. About halfway through his therapy program, I noticed PW was more cooperative in finishing the whole reading lesson and I believe this is because the therapy strengthened his eyes to be able to handle the work of reading.

CW, Sanford, NC


Since my daughter has been through Dr. Mackowsky’s vision therapy program, she has more confidence in herself. She reads on her own now, which she would never do before.

AM, Raleigh, NC


AA has more confidence in herself and seems to enjoy learning more. All the people at Dr. Mackowsky’s clinic were great. I cannot say enough about every person we have come in contact with. Thank you for all the help you have given to AA. I would definitely recommend this program and wish everyone could have AA’s therapist, Mrs. Oliver!

DA, Wake Forest, NC


JH is more confident about himself. Even though we will not see the full results for a few months, we feel he has already improved in his grades. Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Privette have been wonderful to work with. Mrs. Oliver really made a difference. JH looked forward to coming. Vision therapy helped JH to realize his full potential.

GH, Wilson, NC

Since therapy, CL is better able to concentrate on her school work. She seems more questioning and interested in new information. CL benefited from being in a one-on-one situation – it made her feel important – especially when she was successful. She always received positive feedback when she was successful. Mrs. Kohn was wonderful with CL – she was very positive and encouraging of CL – pushing her forward. She was able to gain CL’s cooperation, no small thing, and held her interest for the entire program. Thank you for your work with her. I’ll let you know how things progress in the future.
KL, Raleigh, NC


EJ has shown that she can concentrate when she needs to – she could not do this before her therapy sessions. She feels much better about herself. Her whole attitude is different.

HJ, Raleigh, NC


Over the past months KD’s grades have improved. On the first day of summer school she made an “A” in math. She was very proud to do that. Her reading skills have improved also.

MJD, Raleigh, NC


AP has improved in several areas. He completes his work faster and concentrates much more effectively. He feels a lot better about his accomplishments also.

CP, Princeton, NC


If a child is weak or doing poorly in school, please take the time to have his/her eyes checked and to talk with the Dr. Mackowsky and her staff. Another parent told me about the program and what it did for her daughter. My children showed a big improvement in so many different areas. I just can’t thank the staff at Dr. Mackowsky’s clinic enough for all their help, time, and effort with both LC and LC.

PC, Raleigh, NC


CT’s greatest improvement was his self-esteem. The improvement of his self-esteem directly affects all other areas. We highly recommend this program.

JT, Raleigh, NC


BA eliminated letter and number reversals and greatly improved his reading speed and comprehension. He is more enthusiastic and self-confident about school and there is a marked improvement in his concentration and memory. His visual/spatial manipulation also greatly improved.

AA, Cary, NC


JL’s teacher called me about halfway through her therapy (she was unaware that we had already started) and said for us to keep doing whatever we were doing because she had noticed so much improvement in JL’s reading that she moved her up a reading group.

DL, Raleigh, NC


This program would be beneficial to anyone who is willing to put extra effort in home therapy. NS’s eyes improved significantly and he became more aware of his problem and how important it was to do the exercises at home and come prepared for vision therapy sessions. With both at-home activities and therapy sessions, we have set a foundation for NS to continue to work from to improve his eye muscles.

PS, Pittsboro, NC


FB can walk and not run into walls. His speech has improved a great deal also. He has better balance when walking and trying to run/jump. Most importantly, he interacts with his world – his parents, teachers, friends. Thank you!

LB, Clayton, NC